Please selet origination and destionation (click on the signal) from the map and choose date and time range to draw the time space diagram.
Time Space Diagram
Device SN: Date: Start Time: End Time: Start Signal: End Signal:      
P8 13.6s GapOut P8 20.8s GapOut P8 21.2s GapOut P8 17.7s GapOut P8 41.1s GapOut P8 17.6s GapOut P8 21.9s GapOut P8 12.4s GapOut P8 13.1s GapOut P8 13.9s GapOut P8 18.2s GapOut P8 16.3s GapOut P8 14.7s GapOut P6 210s GapOut P6 65s GapOut P6 326s MaxOut P6 36s GapOut P6 36s GapOut P6 181s GapOut P6 94s GapOut P6 297s GapOut P6 81.5s MaxOut P6 36s GapOut P6 36s GapOut P6 181s GapOut P6 65s GapOut P4 13.6s GapOut P4 20.8s GapOut P4 21.2s GapOut P4 17.7s GapOut P4 41.1s MaxOut P4 17.6s GapOut P4 21.9s GapOut P4 12.4s GapOut P4 13.1s GapOut P4 13.9s GapOut P4 18.2s GapOut P4 16.3s GapOut P4 14.7s GapOut P2 210s GapOut P2 65s MaxOut P2 326s MaxOut P2 36s GapOut P2 36s GapOut P2 181s GapOut P2 94s GapOut P2 297s GapOut P2 81.5s GapOut P2 36s MaxOut P2 36s MaxOut P2 181s GapOut P2 65s GapOut P8 15.6s GapOut P8 13.1s GapOut P8 13.3s GapOut P8 13.5s GapOut P8 11.3s GapOut P8 10.9s GapOut P8 11.6s GapOut P7 11.7s GapOut P6 509.1s GapOut P6 90s GapOut P6 121s GapOut P6 264.1s GapOut P6 223.3s GapOut P6 77.8s GapOut P6 39.9s GapOut P6 29s GapOut P6 55.8s GapOut P6 279.9s GapOut P5 11.4s GapOut P5 11s GapOut P5 9.9s GapOut P4 15.6s GapOut P4 13.1s GapOut P4 13.3s GapOut P4 13.5s GapOut P4 11.7s GapOut P4 11.3s GapOut P4 10.9s GapOut P3 11.6s GapOut P2 610.5s GapOut P2 121s GapOut P2 37.4s GapOut P2 156.7s GapOut P2 52s GapOut P2 40.9s GapOut P2 259s GapOut P2 29s GapOut P2 29s GapOut P2 345.6s GapOut P1 7.9s GapOut P1 10.1s GapOut P1 12.2s GapOut P1 10.9s GapOut