Please selet origination and destionation (click on the signal) from the map and choose date and time range to draw the time space diagram.
Time Space Diagram
Device SN: Date: Start Time: End Time: Start Signal: End Signal:      
4062 No data P8 51s GapOut P8 69.9s GapOut P8 67.3s GapOut P8 278s GapOut P8 63.6s GapOut P8 35.8s GapOut P8 31s GapOut P8 78.6s GapOut P8 69.8s GapOut P8 38.9s GapOut P8 193.8s GapOut P8 93.6s GapOut P8 11s GapOut P8 47.2s GapOut P8 52.7s GapOut P8 13.4s GapOut P8 105.5s GapOut P8 133.9s GapOut P8 22.6s GapOut P8 15.8s GapOut P8 23.9s GapOut P8 63.9s GapOut P8 25.9s GapOut P7 11.5s GapOut P7 11s GapOut P7 8s GapOut P7 21.3s GapOut P7 11.9s GapOut P7 11.1s GapOut P7 10.8s GapOut P7 11.3s GapOut P7 11.5s GapOut P7 11.3s GapOut P6 21.4s GapOut P6 12s GapOut P6 14.4s GapOut P6 14.3s GapOut P6 12s GapOut P6 15.6s GapOut P6 20.1s GapOut P6 12s GapOut P6 13.8s GapOut P5 18.5s GapOut P5 24.7s GapOut P5 16.4s GapOut P5 13.3s GapOut P5 15.5s GapOut P5 13.3s GapOut P5 17.4s GapOut P5 12.4s GapOut P5 17.2s GapOut P4 434.2s GapOut P4 63.6s GapOut P4 46s MaxOut P4 31s GapOut P4 78.6s GapOut P4 69.8s GapOut P4 202.8s GapOut P4 28.8s GapOut P4 115.7s GapOut P4 47.2s GapOut P4 76.9s GapOut P4 105.5s GapOut P4 167.8s GapOut P4 27.3s GapOut P4 23.9s GapOut P4 63.9s GapOut P4 37.2s GapOut P3 11.1s GapOut P3 13s GapOut P2 18.5s GapOut P2 35s MaxOut P2 16.4s GapOut P2 13.3s GapOut P2 12s GapOut P2 15.5s GapOut P2 14.4s GapOut P2 14.3s GapOut P2 13.3s GapOut P2 12s GapOut P2 15.6s GapOut P2 17.4s GapOut P2 20.1s GapOut P2 12.4s GapOut P2 12s GapOut P2 17.2s GapOut P2 13.8s GapOut P1 11.1s GapOut P8 20.7s GapOut P8 34.6s GapOut P8 28.8s GapOut P8 22.4s GapOut P8 33s GapOut P8 41.4s GapOut P8 43.6s GapOut P8 27.4s GapOut P8 14.8s GapOut P8 18.4s GapOut P8 38.5s GapOut P8 16.9s GapOut P8 30.7s GapOut P8 29.8s GapOut P8 17.5s GapOut P8 18.8s GapOut P8 36.5s GapOut P8 32.5s GapOut P7 14.4s GapOut P7 15s ForceOff P7 12.2s GapOut P7 12.1s GapOut P7 12.4s GapOut P7 15.9s GapOut P7 12.6s GapOut P7 14.5s GapOut P7 14.6s GapOut P7 12.7s GapOut P7 12.4s GapOut P7 16.6s GapOut P6 69.3s ForceOff P6 58.2s ForceOff P6 64.1s ForceOff P6 59.6s GapOut P6 35.1s GapOut P6 47.7s GapOut P6 72.2s GapOut P6 77.6s ForceOff P6 90.2s ForceOff P6 73.8s ForceOff P6 37s ForceOff P6 67.7s GapOut P6 45.3s GapOut P6 40.9s GapOut P6 33.1s GapOut P6 86.2s ForceOff P6 38.9s GapOut P6 33.1s GapOut P5 23s ForceOff P5 36.9s ForceOff P5 15.9s ForceOff P5 17.6s ForceOff P5 48.4s GapOut P5 15.2s ForceOff P5 20.4s ForceOff P5 29s ForceOff P5 19.7s ForceOff P5 41.7s ForceOff P5 17.2s ForceOff P5 22.8s ForceOff P5 35s ForceOff P4 23.2s GapOut P4 33.1s GapOut P4 25.9s GapOut P4 22.4s GapOut P4 19.2s GapOut P4 28s GapOut P4 43.7s GapOut P4 15.9s ForceOff P4 14.7s GapOut P4 14.8s GapOut P4 16.9s GapOut P4 39.8s ForceOff P4 16.9s GapOut P4 16.9s GapOut P4 32.1s GapOut P4 30.2s GapOut P4 18.8s GapOut P4 33.9s GapOut P4 36.7s GapOut P3 12.5s GapOut P3 13.7s GapOut P3 15s ForceOff P3 13.8s GapOut P3 13.4s GapOut P3 12.3s GapOut P3 12.7s GapOut P3 14.1s GapOut P3 13.2s GapOut P3 13.8s GapOut P3 12.3s GapOut P3 15s ForceOff P3 12.4s GapOut P2 55.1s ForceOff P2 58.2s ForceOff P2 50.4s ForceOff P2 82.6s ForceOff P2 72s ForceOff P2 45.4s ForceOff P2 75.5s ForceOff P2 48.4s GapOut P2 77.6s ForceOff P2 90.2s ForceOff P2 73.8s ForceOff P2 39.1s ForceOff P2 88.1s ForceOff P2 59.9s ForceOff P2 44.6s ForceOff P2 53.3s ForceOff P2 73.2s ForceOff P2 56.1s ForceOff P2 44s ForceOff P1 14.2s GapOut P1 13.7s GapOut P1 18.2s GapOut P1 14.3s GapOut P1 13.1s GapOut P1 14.4s GapOut P1 16s GapOut P1 21.5s GapOut P1 13s GapOut P1 11.9s GapOut