Please selet origination and destionation (click on the signal) from the map and choose date and time range to draw the time space diagram.
Time Space Diagram
Device SN: Date: Start Time: End Time: Start Signal: End Signal:      
4079 No data P8 63.8s ForceOff P8 71.7s ForceOff P8 83.1s ForceOff P8 106.8s ForceOff P8 92.6s ForceOff P8 95.5s ForceOff P8 92s ForceOff P8 87s ForceOff P8 77.5s ForceOff P8 86.6s ForceOff P8 108.6s ForceOff P8 65.1s ForceOff P8 86.3s ForceOff P8 85.3s ForceOff P7 16.2s GapOut P7 12.5s GapOut P7 16.9s GapOut P7 11.1s GapOut P7 12.5s GapOut P7 14.4s GapOut P7 10.8s GapOut P7 18.1s GapOut P7 17.8s GapOut P7 13.3s GapOut P7 12.7s GapOut P7 14.1s GapOut P6 42.6s GapOut P6 42.3s GapOut P6 20s GapOut P6 13.1s GapOut P6 17.7s GapOut P6 22.2s GapOut P6 24.4s GapOut P6 24.9s GapOut P6 16.2s GapOut P6 61.7s GapOut P6 25.4s GapOut P6 20.5s GapOut P5 20s ForceOff P5 17s GapOut P5 13.6s GapOut P5 20s GapOut P5 20.1s GapOut P5 36.4s GapOut P5 14.3s GapOut P5 33.6s ForceOff P5 20s ForceOff P5 20s ForceOff P5 10.6s GapOut P5 15.2s GapOut P5 15.6s GapOut P5 20s ForceOff P4 60s ForceOff P4 84.2s ForceOff P4 80s ForceOff P4 106.8s ForceOff P4 83.6s ForceOff P4 108s ForceOff P4 106.4s ForceOff P4 97.8s ForceOff P4 75.6s ForceOff P4 104.4s ForceOff P4 108.6s ForceOff P4 58.4s ForceOff P4 79.1s ForceOff P4 99.4s ForceOff P3 20s ForceOff P3 20s ForceOff P3 20.1s ForceOff P3 20s ForceOff P3 20s ForceOff P3 19.9s ForceOff P3 20s ForceOff P2 42.6s GapOut P2 42.3s GapOut P2 20s GapOut P2 13.1s GapOut P2 16.8s GapOut P2 17.7s GapOut P2 18.7s GapOut P2 42.2s GapOut P2 24.4s GapOut P2 35.5s GapOut P2 16.2s GapOut P2 41.6s GapOut P2 25.4s GapOut P2 40.5s GapOut P1 20s GapOut P1 17s GapOut P1 13.6s GapOut P1 20s ForceOff P1 20.1s GapOut P1 19.6s GapOut P1 14.3s GapOut P1 14.9s GapOut P1 20s ForceOff P1 15.2s GapOut P1 20.1s ForceOff P1 15.6s GapOut