Featured Signal Timing Work
DetailsCorridorDirectionFromToBefore Start DateBefore End DateAfter Start DateAfter End DateBefore ProblemsWork DescriptionBenefit
Details Charleston BlvdEastbound and WestboundRancho DrLas Vegas Blvd08/01/201908/07/201908/13/201908/19/2019Too many stops on this segment.Fine-tuning signal timing after Project NeonRemove the stops on the segment. Speeds increase 36% on eastbound, 15% on westbound
Details Desert Inn RdEastboundDurango DrRainbow Blvd12/04/202001/04/202001/04/202001/11/2020Too many and long stopsFine-tuning signal timing, adjust the offsetAlmost no stops from Durango to Rainbow. Speed increased 65%. Westbound has a little bit improvement too.
Details Eastern AveBothPebble RdSummit Grove Dr01/15/201905/01/201901/15/202105/01/2021No obvious problems, but want to see if it can be improved by Adaptive signalUse Rhythm Adaptive Signal TechnologyTravel times reduced by around 25%, and stops reduced by 50% on both directions.
Details Flamingo RdEastboundHualapai WayFort Apache Rd05/01/201805/02/201805/02/201805/03/2018Too many stops at Grand Canyon and CC-215Fine-tuning signal timing, adjust the offsetRemove the stops at Grand Canyon Dr and CC 215 for the eastbound AM peak inbound traffic. The average speeds increase 30%. Please note the stop at Fort Apache is designed stop to form a new platoon. Westbound traffic doesn't change.
Details Pecos RdNorthbound and SouthboundWarm Springs RdCC 215 EB Ramp07/29/201907/29/201908/01/201908/06/2019Too many stops due to left turns being too shortImplement 120's cycle lengthReduced stops, 22% speeds increase
Details Rampart BlvdBothCharlestonSummerline Pkwy01/01/202102/01/202102/01/202103/01/2021Stops at AltaFine tuning the signal timingReduce travel times and stops around 50%
Details TestEBasf2eef01/01/202201/02/202201/02/202201/04/2022stopsfinetuningno stop