From Date: To Date: Start Time: End Time:
Signal ID Primary Street Secondary Street Passes Count
2356Decatur BlvdSunset Rd24581
3063Charleston BlvdDecatur Blvd22393
3110Sahara AveDecatur Blvd21386
4419Cheyenne AveDecatur Blvd21174
2372Desert Inn RdDecatur Blvd19962
3084Charleston BlvdValley View Blvd19429
2474Desert Inn RdValley View Blvd19156
3185Jones BlvdOakey Blvd19072
3001Decatur BlvdAlta Dr18678
3275Jones BlvdAlta Dr18238
3243Sahara AveValley View Blvd18224
4062Carey AveSimmons St18004
4103Lake Mead BlvdSimmons St17913
3071Charleston BlvdJones Blvd17832
3158Martin Luther King BlvdVegas Dr - Owens17517
4398Cheyenne AveSimmons St17339
3171Jones BlvdUpland Pl17292
3108Decatur BlvdOakey Blvd17095
3349Martin Luther King BlvdLake Mead Blvd16407
2183Flamingo RdValley View Blvd16220
2060Rainbow BlvdSpring Mountain Rd16175
2302Jones BlvdSpring Mountain Rd16026
3329Sahara AveJones Blvd15771
3252Decatur BlvdMeadows Ln15076
3006Sahara AveArville St14967
3433Rancho DrDecatur Blvd (South)14784
3439Cheyenne AveJones Blvd14610
3434Rancho DrDecatur Blvd (North)13961
3092Decatur BlvdUS 95 SB - Churchill13891
2247Spring Mountain RdValley View Blvd13806
3161Martin Luther King BlvdWashington Ave13747
2071Las Vegas BlvdSunset Rd13721
4418Cheyenne AveMartin Luther King Blvd13649
2111Spring Mountain RdDecatur Blvd13470
3254Decatur BlvdHayes Pl13257
3241Rancho DrWashington Ave13181
3107Decatur BlvdUS 95 NB Ramp13166
3430Decatur BlvdSmoke Ranch Rd12998
2371Jones BlvdDesert Inn Rd12903
3400Decatur BlvdFaircenter Pkwy12902
3166Decatur BlvdLake Mead Blvd12746
3109Decatur BlvdVegas Dr12617
2389Tropicana AveDecatur Blvd12608
2392Tropicana AveRainbow Blvd12539
3435Rancho DrCheyenne Ave12526
3079Charleston BlvdRancho Dr12501
3219Decatur BlvdEvergreen Ave12488
2159Flamingo RdDecatur Blvd12449
2451Rainbow BlvdDesert Inn Rd12447
3112Decatur BlvdWashington Ave12367
3443Cheyenne AveTenaya Way - Fire12329
3325Rainbow BlvdSahara Ave12210
3021Martin Luther King BlvdBonanza Rd12003
3008Charleston BlvdArville St11837
4030Craig RdDecatur Blvd11837
4034Decatur BlvdAlexander Rd11814
3172Jones BlvdUS 95 WB Ramp11652
2083Flamingo RdRainbow Blvd11646
3415Rancho DrSmoke Ranch Rd11583
3165Decatur BlvdPennwood Ave11580
4330Cheyenne AveAllen Ln11553
2370Twain AveValley View Blvd11468
3232Rancho DrVegas Dr11440
4300Martin Luther King BlvdCarey Ave11358
5010Boulder HwyLake Mead Pkwy11246
2161Decatur BlvdRussell Rd11232
3234Sahara AveLindell Rd11190
2011Boulder HwyDesert Inn Rd-Lamb Blvd11182
2485Desert Inn RdLindell Rd11160
3023Las Vegas BlvdBonanza Rd11048
2398Decatur BlvdSouth CC 215 WB Ramp11046
4033Decatur BlvdGowan Rd11017
3227Valley View BlvdOakey Blvd10990
2052IndustrialFrank Sinatra Dr10976
3078Charleston BlvdRainbow Blvd10931
3240Sahara AveRancho Dr10920
2124Dean Martin DrJerry Lewis Way10917
3464Decatur BlvdOBannon Dr10844
3429Rainbow BlvdOakey Blvd10811
2098Flamingo RdJones Blvd10810
3072Charleston BlvdLamb Blvd10786
2493Dean Martin DrTompkins Ave10734
3025Bonanza RdMaryland Pkwy10670
3069Charleston BlvdMartin Luther King Blvd10635
3213Stewart AveMaryland Pkwy10620
3371Vegas DrSimmons St10492
2005Rainbow BlvdHacienda Ave10378
3366Oakey BlvdArville St10357
3257Charleston BlvdGrand Central Pkwy10314
3432Rancho DrLake Mead Blvd10267
2182Rainbow BlvdRussell Rd10243
4038Cheyenne AveValley Dr10150
3169Rancho DrAlexander/Jones (N)10039
3440Cheyenne AveRainbow Blvd10009
3413Lake Mead BlvdJones Blvd9952
3255Decatur BlvdBonanza Rd9893
3116Stewart Ave13th St9892
3276Jones BlvdVegas Dr9872
2390Tropicana AveJones Blvd9841
5016Lake Mead PkwyVan Wagenen St9829
2113Desert Inn RdEastern Ave9804
2115Maryland PkwyDesert Inn Rd9778
3018Bonanza RdEastern Ave9759
2473Spring Mountain RdTorrey Pines Dr9708
2444Desert Inn RdArville St9635
2116Paradise RdDesert Inn Rd9626
2270Sunset RdValley View Blvd9600
5017Lake Mead PkwyFiesta Henderson9441
3277Jones BlvdWashington Ave9418
4031Decatur BlvdAnn Rd9306
3414Jones BlvdSmoke Ranch Rd9186
2477Spring Mountain RdLindell Rd9156
3441Cheyenne AveUS 95 NB Ramp9154
3442Cheyenne AveUS 95 SB Ramp9068
2285Decatur BlvdPost Rd8970
4393Cheyenne AveClayton St8878
2040Twain AveDean Martin Dr8876
2316Flamingo RdHotel Rio Dr8829
3070Charleston BlvdHinson St8734
3176Rancho DrJones Blvd/Alexander(S)8725
2181Decatur BlvdHacienda Ave8695
4021Craig RdSimmons St8690
4416Cheyenne AveNorth 5th St8626
3469Cheyenne AveMichael Way8619
5088Eastern AveHorizon Ridge Pkwy8569
2380Decatur BlvdTwain Ave8562
2195Tropicana AveLas Vegas Blvd8561
3156Martin Luther King BlvdUS 95 NB Ramp8471
3075Charleston BlvdMaryland Pkwy8436
2354Eastern AveSunset Rd8412
3145Fremont StSahara Ave8356
3028Rancho DrBonanza Rd8282
3167Lake Mead BlvdTonopah Dr8259
3470Cheyenne AveTorrey Pines Dr8214
2346Flamingo RdI-15 SB Ramp8158
3327Charleston BlvdUS 95 NB Ramp8092
3283Valley View BlvdPennwood Ave8057
2463Jones BlvdTwain Ave8050
3047Charleston BlvdCampbell Dr8043
3191Sahara AveLas Vegas Blvd8021
2523Rainbow BlvdPatrick Ln8018
2445Rainbow BlvdTwain Ave8012
3193Las Vegas BlvdStewart Ave8008
2119Flamingo RdEastern Ave7998
3359Valley View BlvdSirius Ave7908
3177Craig RdJones Blvd7892
2423Rainbow BlvdSpring Valley Pkwy N7837
3073Charleston BlvdLas Vegas Blvd7803
2250Rainbow BlvdSpring Valley Pkwy S7769
3262Rancho DrEarnest May Ln7768
5014Lake Mead PkwyTaylor St7745
2187Eastern AvePebble Rd7711
3068Charleston BlvdFremont St7686
2235Jones BlvdRussell Rd7660
5015Lake Mead PkwyWater St7655
2472Decatur BlvdHarmon Ave7646
3251Valley View BlvdAlta Dr7638
3138Cheyenne AveBuffalo Dr7629
3004Rancho DrAlta Dr7625
3479Sahara AveBuffalo Dr7594
2357Jones BlvdSunset Rd7559
3064Charleston BlvdEastern Ave7553
5111Lake Mead PkwyBasic Rd7553
2132Flamingo RdLas Vegas Blvd7512
5083Lake Mead PkwyBurkholder Blvd7505
2148Desert Inn RdWynn Rd7464
4003Craig RdMartin Luther King Blvd7434
3181Charleston BlvdSacramento Dr7433
3074Charleston BlvdMain St7426
2326Fire Sta 15Valley View Blvd7418
2024Eastern AveWindmill Ln7410
2114Desert Inn RdJoe W. Brown Dr7400
3127Washington AveEastern Ave7394
2377Eastern AveRussell Rd7370
3122Sahara AveEastern Ave7351
3065Charleston BlvdEssex St7340
2013Boulder HwyNellis Blvd7331
3236Sahara AveParadise Rd7330
2188Eastern AveSouth CC 215 WB Ramp7326
2269Rainbow BlvdSunset Rd7325
2133Flamingo RdMaryland Pkwy7325
5085Eastern AveSt. Rose Pkwy7316
2002Flamingo RdNellis Blvd7303
2117Desert Inn RdPecos Rd - McLeod7281
2180Decatur BlvdUniversity Ave7241
3454Charleston BlvdBuffalo Dr7229
4258Cheyenne AveLosee Rd7225
2291Boulder HwyFlamingo Rd7213
3455Valley View BlvdVillage Dr7207
2137Desert Inn RdBuffalo Dr7158
4094Lake Mead BlvdCivic Center Dr7122
3124Eastern AveStewart Ave7105
3253Valley View BlvdMeadows Ln7099
2435Sunset RdWindy Rd7088
5019St. Rose PkwyPaseo Verde Pkwy7064
4086Cheyenne AveCivic Center Dr7000
3355Jones BlvdClarice Ave6988
3296Valley View BlvdMeadows Mall Entrance6984
3211Sahara AveMaryland Pkwy6982
2125Tropicana AveEastern Ave6930
5027Sunset RdStephanie St6930
3365Oakey BlvdLindell Rd6924
2135Flamingo RdPecos Rd6921
2035Harmon AveJones Blvd6918
2072Durango DrDesert Inn Rd6899
2336Nellis BlvdLake Mead Blvd6879
5060Stephanie StWarm Springs Rd6865
2353Jones BlvdEdna Ave6837
2239Tropicana AvePecos Rd6829
2168VikingValley View Blvd6813
3202Valley View BlvdUS 95 EB Ramp6801
2471Eastern AveWarm Springs Rd6780
3220Sahara AvePalace Station6766
4177Las Vegas BlvdLake Mead Blvd6761
2067HaciendaJones Blvd6748
3370Vegas DrTonopah Dr6746
3304Sahara AveTeddy Dr - Paseo Del Prado6694
3285Rainbow BlvdAlta Dr6683
2527Valley View BlvdRio Crosswalk6654
2077Charleston BlvdNellis Blvd6609
3328Charleston BlvdUS 95 SB Ramp6583
3342Eastern AveUS 95 NB Ramp6560
4137Simmons StGowan Rd6552
3405Sahara AveDurango Dr6505
3168Charleston BlvdCommerce St6473
5031Sunset RdMountain Vista St6462
2029Sunset RdPecos Rd6454
3197Las Vegas BlvdWashington Ave6442
2399Decatur BlvdSouth CC 215 EB Ramp6441
4119Lamb BlvdTropical Pkwy6415
3080Charleston BlvdShadow Lane6406
2169Tropicana AveDean Martin Dr6396
2351Russell RdPecos Rd6387
2164Spring Mountain RdI-15 SB off6375
4072Alexander RdSimmons St6363
2345Flamingo RdI-15 NB Ramp6346
3499Martin Luther King BlvdUS 95 SB Ramp6324
4417Cheyenne AveCommerce St6321
3271Rainbow BlvdWestcliff Ave6242
3284Grand Central PkwyLVPO Mall6210
3162Sahara AveI-15 NB Ramp6197
2179Las Vegas BlvdSilverado Ranch Blvd6194
2069Rainbow BlvdSouth CC 215 WB Ramp6190
2136Spring Mountain RdBuffalo Dr6189
2026Desert Inn RdCambridge St6172
2290Tropicana AveWynn Rd6165
4081Lamb BlvdAnn Rd6161
2284Spring Mountain RdPolaris Ave6124
3484Grand Central PkwyGovt Center South6123
3485Grand Central PkwyGovt Center North6102
3272Ann RdJones Blvd6075
3044Rainbow BlvdBernieMarcus-HomeDepot6074
3088Valley View BlvdFulton Pl6058
4087Cheyenne AveI-156048
2325Jones BlvdRochelle Ave6040
4039Cheyenne AveRevere St6034
2021Craig RdLamb Blvd6018
3200Valley View BlvdUS 95 WB Ramp6006
3085Charleston BlvdWestwood Dr - UMC5985
4029Craig RdValley Dr5983
5089Eastern AveSunridge Heights Pkwy5976
3363Oakey BlvdTorrey Pines Dr5976
5105Horizon Ridge PkwyGreen Valley Pkwy5963
5033Sunset RdGreen Valley Pkwy5958
3120Eastern AveFremont St5948
2524Sunset RdGilespie St5905
2048Desert Inn RdTorrey Pines Dr5895
2410Desert Inn RdFire Station #335872
2369Flamingo RdArville St5856
2189Eastern AveSouth CC 215 EB Ramp5852
2068Jones BlvdReno Ave5849
3248Bonanza RdLamb Blvd5839
3179Charleston BlvdDurango Dr5831
4035Decatur BlvdLone Mountain Rd5821
4013Craig RdLosee Rd5812
3083Rancho DrTexas Station5789
4028Craig RdAllen Ln5725
3125Owens AveEastern Ave5700
3096Martin Luther King BlvdOakey Blvd5676
2107Sunset RdParadise Rd5674
3055Charleston BlvdArt Wy -Casino Center Blvd5665
3397Owens AveH Street5659
2207Spring Mountain RdArville St5649
4014Craig RdNorth 5th St5587
3188Las Vegas BlvdOwens Ave5570
4121Cheyenne AveFire Station #505568
3343Eastern AveUS 95 SB Ramp5559
3174Rancho DrCraig Rd5553
4052Ann RdSimmons St5547
3067Charleston BlvdFourth St5536
3199Rancho DrUS 95 SPUI5532
2447Lake Mead BlvdLamb Blvd5524
3468Rancho DrNLV Air Terminal5500
3003Martin Luther King BlvdAlta Dr5473
2138Desert Inn RdCimarron Rd5462
3408Sahara AveTorrey Pines Dr5448
3184Washington AveTonopah Dr5447
2163Rainbow BlvdSouth CC 215 EB Ramp5446
3226Rancho DrOakey Blvd5433
4070Carey AveClayton St5430
4180Lake Mead BlvdPecos Rd5408
2268Flamingo RdSwenson St5380
3290Grand Central PkwyIron Horse Ct5379
3182Lamb BlvdStewart Ave5366
4002Martin Luther King BlvdAlexander Rd5357
2368Desert Inn RdLa Canada St5342
3090Valley View BlvdWashington Ave5335
2289Tropicana AveValley View Blvd5319
2360Boulder HwyUS 95 NB Ramp5312
2488Las Vegas BlvdRussell Rd5306
3274Eastern AveCedar Ave5283
2367Desert Inn RdOneida Way5282
2266Flamingo RdSandhill Rd5279
2004Eastern AveWigwam Pkwy5275
5047Pecos RdWarm Springs Rd5216
3489Martin Luther King BlvdSymphony5187
3510Charleston Blvd3rd St5183
2106Sunset RdSpencer St5162
2192Las Vegas BlvdSpring Mountain Rd5133
2094Twain AveFrank Sinatra Dr5129
2025Eastern AveRobindale Rd5114
3287Sahara AveSpanish Oaks Dr - Rye St5096
3242Sahara AveRichfield Blvd5095
2387Tropicana AveArville St5060
4088Lamb BlvdCentennial Pkwy5059
5018Pecos RdSouth CC 215 EB Ramp5025
4095Las Vegas BlvdCivic Ctr5006
2076Tropicana AveDurango Dr4981
3299Owens AveJ Street4952
2215Tropicana AveMaryland Pkwy4945
3406Lamb BlvdOwens Ave4937
4080Lake Mead BlvdTexas Station4933
4077Decatur BlvdWashburn Rd4908
3024Bonanza RdMain St4904
4089Lamb BlvdAzure Ave4903
3381Charleston BlvdMarion Dr - Arden St4899
2294Tropicana AveSwenson St4894
5025Sunset RdMarks St4891
2391Tropicana AveTorrey Pines Dr4886
2063Flamingo RdDurango Dr4878
3305Charleston BlvdBrush St4874
5039Green Valley PkwyWarm Springs Rd4873
2108Sunset RdGrier Dr4842
2176Tropicana AveKoval Ln4823
3279Rainbow BlvdUS 95 SPUI4823
2073Durango DrSpring Mountain Rd4811
4461Lake Mead Blvd WBNorth 5th St (N)4810
4110Lake Mead BlvdI-15 NB Ramp4808
4462Lake Mead Blvd EBNorth 5th St (S)4795
3173Rancho DrGowan Rd4793
2238Tropicana AveParadise Rd4792
4015Craig RdClayton St4780
2267Flamingo RdSpencer St4778
2303Boulder HwyIndios Ave4778
2027Nellis BlvdBonanza Rd4762
2171Rainbow BlvdWarm Springs Rd4751
2272Boulder HwyTropicana Ave4751
2361Boulder HwyUS 95 SB Ramp4750
2396Flamingo RdCambridge St4735
3221Oakey BlvdVerdinal Ct4731
4057Ann RdValley Dr4710
3410SearlesEastern Ave4704
4041Lake Mead BlvdBruce St4701
4058Ann RdAllen Ln4693
5009Boulder HwyTexas Ave4683
3301Lamb BlvdWashington Ave4675
4006Craig RdCommerce St4664
3033Main StBonneville Ave4662
3246Bonanza RdPecos Rd4651
3208Washington AveMain St4646
5058Warm Springs RdMarks St4640
3258Craig RdRainbow Blvd4627
2134Flamingo RdParadise Rd4618
3082Charleston BlvdTorrey Pines Dr4610
2379Flamingo RdTorrey Pines Dr4599
5008Boulder HwyBasic Rd4572
3131Washington AveBruce St4571
2095Caesars (n)Frank Sinatra Dr4567
2244Tropicana AveSandhill Rd4566
5086Eastern AveSiena Heights Dr4561
5007Boulder HwyMajor Ave4554
4001Martin Luther King BlvdGowan Rd4547
3261Rainbow BlvdSmoke Ranch Rd4534
3399Sahara AveEl Camino Rd4530
2277Russell RdMaryland Pkwy4518
2288Spring Mountain RdWynn Rd4514
3187Las Vegas BlvdOgden Ave4494
2333Nellis BlvdSahara Ave4491
2191Eastern AveSilverado Ranch Blvd4490
2450Flamingo RdLindell Rd4485
2363Flamingo RdI-515 SB Ramp4479
3356Stewart AveSeventh St4473
3039Charleston BlvdBruce St4473
4421Lake Mead BlvdLosee Rd4467
3425Rancho DrMesquite Ave4446
2385Lamb BlvdSahara Ave4445
3344Charleston BlvdSandhill Rd -Honolulu4439
4112Carey AveN 5th St4435
3314Lake Mead BlvdBuffalo Dr4431
3362Owens AveD Street4420
2221Tropicana AveMountain Vista St4420
2454Mountain Vista StRussell Rd4400
2224Nellis BlvdStewart Ave4365
3115Fremont St13th St4362
4053Lone Mountain RdSimmons St4361
4010Lake Mead BlvdBelmont St4357
3428Sahara AveCimarron Rd4355
2058Flamingo RdBuffalo Dr4353
3094Rancho DrRancho Circle/Parkway Dr4350
3148Grand Central PkwyBonneville Ave - Alta4331
3519Main StGarces Ave4312
3152Fremont StSt. Louis Ave4310
2342Rainbow BlvdBadura Ave4306
3256Craig RdCamino Del Oro4304
3431Sahara AveJoe W. Brown Dr4286
2165Jones BlvdSouth CC 215 WB Ramp4283
3052Las Vegas BlvdCarson Ave4279
2329Flamingo RdWynn Rd4268
3347Charleston BlvdUpland Blvd - Westwind4254
4037Lamb BlvdI-154254
2190Eastern AveSerene Ave4240
5106Horizon Ridge PkwySandy Ridge Ave4231
5094St. Rose PkwySeven Hills Dr/Spencer4226
3531Rancho DrPalomino Ln4220
3340Las Vegas BlvdUS 954202
2335Nellis BlvdOwens Ave4198
2251Eastern AveOquendo Rd4198
3490Buffalo DrAlta Dr4192
3311Lake Mead BlvdRainbow Blvd4187
3146Fremont StLowes4176
2097Sunset RdSandhill Rd4173
2037Flamingo RdGold Coast4173
3259Craig RdUS 95 NB Ramp4168
3205Owens AveMain St4167
3030Casino Center BlvdBonneville Ave4159
2388Tropicana AveCameron St4158
2348Boulder HwyHarmon Ave4143
2307Flamingo RdPerry St - Sam's Town4139
3326Charleston BlvdPecos Rd - Palm4131
3017Charleston BlvdFt. Apache - Rampart4129
5030Sunset RdValle Verde Dr4127
5005Boulder HwyCollege Dr4123
3572Washington AveFire Station #34109
5090Eastern AveSummit Grove Dr4106
2023Craig RdNellis Blvd4096
2112Desert Inn RdTenaya Way4088
5055Boulder HwyWarm Springs Rd4087
2054Tropicana AvePolaris Ave4065
3016Bonanza RdBruce St4053
3081Charleston Blvd10th - Gass Ave4050
2308Windmill LnMaryland Pkwy/Paradise4048
5006Boulder HwyGreenway Rd-Palo Verde Dr4045
3157Cheyenne AveRampart-Durango4036
3140Fourth StStewart Ave4030
3123St LouisEastern Ave3998
4178Lake Mead BlvdMcDaniel St3994
3335Mt View HospitalTenaya Way3983
2305Windmill LnCC 2153965
3478Sahara AveTenaya Way3964
5057Warm Springs RdGibson Rd3961
2131Flamingo RdKoval Ln3958
5087Eastern AveCoronado Center Dr3958
4107Lake Mead BlvdI-15 SB Ramp3953
2489Las Vegas BlvdMand / Hacienda3952
3141Las Vegas BlvdFremont St3952
2209Spring Mountain RdTenaya Way3948
3129Owens AveBruce St3945
2332Nellis BlvdVegas Valley Dr3935
2153Las Vegas BlvdHarmon Ave3926
3273Ann RdBradley Rd3906
2355Durango DrRussell Rd3895
4019Camino Al NorteAnn Rd3892
5046Pecos RdRobindale Rd3880
5160Pecos RdSouth CC 215 WB Ramp3878
4308Cheyenne AveBerg St3874
4007Craig RdPecos Rd3868
2386Vegas Valley DrLamb Blvd3860
2254Silverado Ranch BlvdSouth Point Hotel3859
3012Sahara AveFort Apache Rd3850
2295Silverado Ranch BlvdI-15 NB Ramp3850
2264Flamingo RdTamarus St3847
2279Eastern AveRichmar Ave3837
3155Cheyenne AveCimarron Rd3830
3119Owens AvePecos Rd3820
2038Flamingo RdFort Apache Rd3810
4071Craig RdRevere St - City Park3806
4090Cheyenne AvePecos Rd3789
5084Eastern AveIone Rd - Jeffreys St3789
5029Sunset RdArroyo Grande Blvd3787
5045Pecos RdWindmill Pkwy3777
3357Charleston BlvdCimarron Rd3769
2265Flamingo RdMountain Vista St3762
3121Oakey BlvdEastern Ave3759
3060Ann RdTenaya Way3757
4022Craig RdI-15 SB Ramp3752
3089Bonanza Rd28th St3740
2022Fort Apache RdDesert Inn Rd3732
3263Smoke Ranch RdTenaya Way3728
4076Craig RdBerg St3722
2404Las Vegas BlvdReno Ave3721
2483Flamingo RdAugustus Rd/Del Nord3716
2006Las Vegas BlvdWindmill Ln - Blue Diamond3712
2045Jones BlvdSouth CC 215 EB Ramp3709
2378Eastern AvePatrick Ln3694
2223Eastern AveKaren Ave3694
4082Washburn RdSimmons St3688
4011Craig RdDonovan3687
2365Tropicana AveI-515 SB Ramp3683
3032Las Vegas BlvdBonneville Ave3679
3426Buffalo DrOakey Blvd3673
4008Craig RdI-15 NB Ramp3651
3231Bonanza RdMojave Rd3649
3066Charleston Blvd15th St3642
2260Desert Inn RdMojave Rd3637
3037Las Vegas BlvdBridger Ave3636
3222Sahara AveHualapai Way3629
2173Maryland PkwyKaren Ave3614
2466Eastern AveHacienda Ave3597
3268Ann RdRainbow Blvd3597
3005Bonanza RdCasino Center Blvd3591
3190Las Vegas BlvdMain St-St Louis3591
2481Tropicana AveDuke Ellington Way3589
3436Martin Luther King BlvdMetro Plaza3581
4004Craig RdHome Depot3577
2340Sunset RdBermuda Rd3577
2358Tropicana AveMGM-Island Dr3576
2062Las Vegas BlvdFour Seasons3575
3472Las Vegas BlvdClark Ave3574
3034Bonneville AveMaryland Pkwy3567
2376Eastern AveHarmon Ave3567
2324Flamingo RdPalos Verdes St3565
3260Craig RdUS 95 SB Ramp3553
2156Russell RdValley View Blvd3551
3318Las Vegas BlvdCashman Field3544
2041Twain AvePolaris Ave3537
3492Buffalo DrSummerlin Pkwy EB Ramp3525
3228Oakey BlvdWestern Ave3523
2482Las Vegas BlvdPark3521
4017Camino Al NorteWashburn Rd3518
4048Civic Center DrCarey Ave3514
3144Fremont StMojave Rd3510
3198Las Vegas BlvdWyoming3499
2139Las Vegas BlvdLV BW north3481
2304Windmill LnSpencer St3480
2362Flamingo RdI-515 NB Ramp3478
5024Sunset RdI-515 SB Ramp3477
2456Tropicana AveNew York - New York3476
2167Tropicana AveI-153466
3014Lake Mead BlvdH Street3447
3321Buffalo DrVegas Dr3438
2053Rainbow BlvdRobindale Rd3436
3207Rainbow BlvdAlexander Rd3427
2160Las Vegas BlvdBellagio3426
5073Green Valley PkwyPaseo Verde Pkwy3422
5101St. Rose PkwyCoronado Center Dr3420
3567Alta DrJames Down3419
2154Harmon AveParadise Rd3414
5066Horizon Ridge PkwyValle Verde Dr3405
5049Warm Springs RdArroyo Grande Blvd3402
2039Twain AveRio Dr3397
2015Flamingo RdBurnham Rd3394
2465Eastern AveReno Ave3391
3049Lake Mead BlvdJ Street3386
2428Boulder HwyRussell Rd3369
2237Paradise RdSands Ave-Twain Ave3361
2079Tropicana AveFort Apache Rd3356
3029Valley View BlvdBonanza Rd3353
2421Lamb BlvdRidgedale Ave3347
2056Las Vegas BlvdWelcome Sign3342
3149Ogden Ave13th St3342
5004Boulder HwyHorizon Dr-Racetrack Rd3340
5032Sunset RdAthenian Dr3331
2429Decatur BlvdWarm Springs Rd3327
2366Eastern AveRochelle Ave3322
5156Gibson RdSouth I-215 EB Ramp3321
5028Sunset RdWhitney Ranch Dr3310
5183Eastern AveBeckler Dr3308
3091Charleston BlvdCommunity College3303
2147Twain AveArville St3298
3286Sahara Ave6th St3293
2007Tropicana AveSpencer St3289
2066Durango DrHacienda Ave3287
5145Russell RdStephanie St3282
3106Buffalo DrSmoke Ranch Rd3278
3546Maryland PkwyClark Ave3275
3502Cedar TrailLamb Blvd3271
2319Warm Springs RdCC 215 NB3268
4049Las Vegas BlvdCarey Ave3266
3216Jones BlvdLone Mountain Rd3266
3491Buffalo DrWestcliff Dr3255
3042Lake Mead BlvdD Street3251
3548Las Vegas BlvdGarces Ave3250
3249Craig RdTenaya Way3244
3101Eastern AveOgden Ave3242
2172Blue Diamond RdDecatur Blvd3241
2446Lake Mead BlvdWalnut Rd3233
2375Eastern AveViking Rd3229
5034Sunset RdAnnie Oakley3227
2337Nellis BlvdCheyenne Ave3214
3100Sahara AveCommercial Center Dr3214
2043Flamingo RdBally's Ped Crossing3213
2293Harmon AveSwenson St3210
3077Lake Mead BlvdMichael Way3203
3007Pecos RdStewart Ave3203
5069Stephanie StGalleria Dr3198
3383Durango DrWestcliff Dr3196
2126Eastern AveVegas Valley Dr3193
3338Durango DrStarboard Dr3193
3401Charleston BlvdAntelope Way3192
2364Tropicana AveI-515 NB Ramp3189
2281Twain Mojave (n)Pecos Rd - McL intc3186
2498Cheyenne AveLamb Blvd3184
2278Russell RdParadise Rd3179
3105Cheyenne AveSoaring Gulls Dr3174
2331Nellis BlvdWashington Ave3139
3264Smoke Ranch RdTorrey Pines Dr3136
2075Durango DrPeace Way3135
5065Horizon Ridge PkwyCarnegie St3131
2315Jones BlvdWarm Springs Rd3125
2286Las Vegas BlvdTown Square3124
2292Desert Inn RdPecos Rd3123
2448Flamingo RdMcCleod Dr3115
2100Warm Springs RdParadise Rd3113
2352Flamingo RdLinq - Audrie Ln3113
5103Stephanie StSouth I-215 WB Ramp3112
3076Charleston BlvdMojave Rd3112
2422RenoPecos Rd3111
4005Craig RdArcata Wy-Bruce St3107
2118Desert Inn RdSandhill Rd3104
3559Ann RdTorrey Pines Dr3102
3291Stewart AveBruce St3097
4025Craig RdCannery - Lawrence St3093
5044Pecos RdWigwam Pkwy3085
5063Stephanie StPower Ctr3081
2321Blue Diamond RdRainbow Blvd3074
3040Fremont StBruce St3074
5109Pecos RdPebble Rd3069
2350Hacienda AvePecos Rd3060
3218Sahara AveMcLeod Dr3034
2104Durango DrWarm Springs Rd3028
3466Alexander RdTenaya Way3016
2101Las Vegas BlvdConv Center3015
2535Tropicana AveLindell Rd3011
3313Lake Mead BlvdTenaya Way3009
2236HaciendaTorrey Pines Dr3006
2216Maryland PkwyTwain Ave3004
4016Craig RdWalnut Rd3002
5134Gibson RdLas Palmas Entrada Ave2994
2028Sunset RdMcleod Dr2990
2417City Center PlLas Vegas Blvd2983
3151Las Vegas BlvdGass Ave2980
2217Maryland PkwyVegas Valley Dr2961
3494Buffalo DrWashington Ave2954
2020Las Vegas BlvdNellis Blvd2953
2453Tropicana AveTopaz St2939
5077Stephanie StWigwam Pkwy2931
2218Flamingo RdCabana Dr2920
2074Durango DrTwain Ave2919
3215Jones BlvdGowan Rd2918
2152Buffalo DrSouth CC 215 SB Ramp2908
2310Las Vegas BlvdStardust Rd2901
3506Casino Center BlvdGarces Ave2901
4111Alexander RdAllen Ln2898
4104Decatur BlvdTropical Pkwy2894
2261Las Vegas BlvdFashion Show-Dio2889
2459Lake Mead BlvdChristy Ln2882
3448Durango DrOakey Blvd2874
2014Las Vegas BlvdWarm Springs Rd2874
3493Buffalo DrSummerlin Pkwy WB Ramp2871
3447Vegas DrTorrey Pines Dr2867
2144Dean Martin DrHotel Rio Dr2866
5011Boulder HwyWater St2861
3186Las Vegas BlvdOakey Blvd2860
3061Smoke Ranch RdMichael Way2852
3487Grand Central PkwySymphony2851
2312Russell RdFort Apache Rd2849
2439Flamingo RdFire Station #222848
3093Buffalo DrDucharme Ave2840
5013Boulder HwySunset Rd2840
2275Russell RdSpencer St2838
2397Harmon AvePecos Rd2838
3097Washington AvePecos Rd2829
3486Grand Central PkwyW Clark2825
2504Sahara AveTown Center Dr2818
2061Las Vegas BlvdMirage-Sands2817
5098Horizon Ridge PkwyHigh Mesa Dr2814
3170Wyoming AveIndustrial Rd2812
3046Sahara AveBurnham Ave2810
3332Las Vegas BlvdLewis Ave2809
2424Tropicana AveWilbur St2807
3334Rancho DrLone Mountain Rd2801
3384SL Pkwy (s)Durango Dr2794
2008Frank Sinatra DrBellagio Garage2782
2449Las Vegas BlvdLamb Blvd2782
2240Silverado Ranch BlvdSpencer St2781
3015Washington AveTorrey Pines Dr2777
3376Charleston Blvd28th St2769
2089Las Vegas BlvdCheyenne Ave2768
4098Tropical PkwySimmons St2755
5048Warm Springs RdValle Verde Dr2754
5155Gibson RdSouth I-215 WB Ramp2753
2197Decatur BlvdCactus Ave2752
2174Paradise RdKaren Ave2752
2347Rainbow BlvdWindmill Ln2748
3317Lake Mead BlvdRampart Blvd2745
3295Bonanza RdSandhill Rd2745
2516Cactus AveI-15 SB Ramp2744
4140Losee RdCarey Ave2742
3420Rainbow BlvdWashington Ave2739
2411Tropicana AveMcLeod Dr2737
5072Green Valley PkwyVillage Walk Dr2735
2412Tropicana AveMojave Rd2734
4135Carey AveRevere St2732
2252Russell RdMcLeod Dr2728
5041Green Valley PkwyWindmill Pkwy (N)2717
2314Sahara AveSandhill Rd2716
2430Durango DrSunset Rd2716
2339Nellis BlvdCarey Ave2715
2409Nellis BlvdDesert Inn Rd2713
2049Flamingo RdHoward Hughes Pkwy2710
3196Las Vegas BlvdFourth St2702
2349Jones BlvdBadura Ave2699
5001Horizon DrCollege Dr2689
2140Las Vegas BlvdLV BW south2687
5070Green Valley PkwyPebble Rd2683
3553Alexander RdTorrey Pines Dr2681
3341Rainbow BlvdVegas Dr2676
2382Nellis BlvdTwain Ave2675
3438Lake Mead BlvdTorrey Pines Dr2674
4091Cheyenne AveVan Der Meer St2672
2030Pecos RdPatrick Ln2671
2419City Center PlFrank Sinatra Dr2665
3391Durango DrAlta Dr2659
2085Las Vegas BlvdPebble Rd2656
3136Las Vegas BlvdForemaster2652
2509Cactus AveDean Martin Dr2651
5104Stephanie StSouth I-215 EB Ramp2645
3529Washington AveComstock Dr2643
2256Las Vegas BlvdCaesars Dr2635
2311Las Vegas BlvdPalazzo-TI2634
2452Tropicana AveTamarus St2632
3515Washington AveI-15 Northbound Ramp2621
3019Bonanza RdCity Pkwy-F St2617
3180Charleston BlvdHualapai Way2615
3086Buffalo DrCielo Vista Dr2615
2096Caesars (s)Frank Sinatra Dr2614
3542Sahara Ave15th St - HAWK2613
5059Warm Springs RdJulia /Sunset Station2603
2341Las Vegas BlvdWynn Las Vegas2591
5068Stephanie StTrail Canyon Rd2589
2099Warm Springs RdSpencer St2588
5051Mountain Vista StRamrod Ave2578
2166Desert Inn RdHualapai Way2578
2334Nellis BlvdHarris Ave2578
4184Las Vegas BlvdMain-N 5th2577
5040Green Valley PkwyRobindale Rd2571
3118Washington AveH Street2570
2057Flamingo RdTenaya Way2563
2462Desert Inn RdCrystal Water Wy-El Capitan Wy2562
4108Losee RdAnn Rd2562
5112Horizon Ridge PkwyCarmel Valley St2561
2042Twain AveWynn Rd2549
2467DI-at gradeDean Martin Dr2548
5043Green Valley PkwyWigwam Pkwy2536
2273Harmon AveMaryland Pkwy2535
3265Ann RdUS 95 NB Ramp2534
2226Durango DrSouth CC 215 EB Ramp2530
5161Horizon DrI 515 SB Ramp DDI2525
5108Stephanie StAmerican Pacific2525
2081Tropicana AveBuffalo Dr2522
3204Main StOgden Ave2522
5116Boulder HwyGalleria Dr2516
2276Russell RdLanding Strip Ave2516
2017Las Vegas BlvdStard-El Mor Ped xing2510
3233Alta DrTonopah Dr2505
2395Las Vegas BlvdHarrahs-Mirage exit2497
3278Rainbow BlvdSilverstream Ave2496
3360Buffalo DrAlexander Rd2488
3103Bonanza RdD Street2483
2129Maryland PkwyKatie Ave2483
3514Washington AveI-15 Southbound Ramp2479
5167Russell RdI-515 NB Ramp2476
3095Martin Luther King BlvdHastings Ave2475
2274Russell RdSurrey Rd2474
5062Sunset RdGalleria Mall Dr (West)2474
5042Green Valley PkwyWindmill Pkwy (S)2470
3212Maryland PkwySt. Louis Ave2470
2151Buffalo DrSouth CC 215 NB Ramp2466
4056Ann RdClayton St2463
3020Bonanza RdH Street2460
3306Las Vegas BlvdBaltimore2459
2225Tropicana AveNellis Blvd2459
2185Spring Mountain RdCimarron Rd2456
2531Lake Mead BlvdSloan Ln2455
5026Sunset RdGalleria Mall Dr (East)2437
2427Boulder HwyMissouri Ave2433
2460Fashion ShowDean Martin Dr2432
3473Owens AveSandhill Rd2421
2034Windmill LnPollock Dr2418
3419Vegas DrMichael Way2415
2478Fort Apache RdSunset Rd2413
2033Windmill LnBermuda Rd2401
5064Marks StEastgate Center2400
2296Silverado Ranch BlvdI-15 SB Ramp2399
2214Maryland PkwySunrise Hospital2398
2093Pebble RdSpencer St2397
4189Las Vegas BlvdPecos Rd2390
5135Boulder HwyGibson Rd2387
3581Bonneville AveTransit Station2385
5127Horizon Ridge PkwyJeffreys St2384
5022Mountain Vista StWhitney Mesa Dr2381
2457Charleston BlvdChristy Ln2379
2374Maryland PkwySierra Vista Dr2378
4020Decatur BlvdNorth CC 215 EB Ramp2374
2059Flamingo RdCimarron Rd2373
3480Sahara AveLake Sahara Dr2371
3411Durango DrOso Blanca Rd2370
3201Washington AveJ Street2369
3525Arville StPennwood Ave2368
5081St. Rose PkwyJeffreys St2366
2327Las Vegas BlvdSLS Way2366
5146Horizon Ridge PkwyCoronado Center Dr2365
3043Sahara AveAtlantic St2365
5023Sunset RdI-515 NB Ramp2358
4139Losee RdTropical Pkwy2357
2479Russell RdSandhill Rd2355
5095Gibson RdAuto Show Dr2354
3385SL Pkwy (n)Durango Dr2352
3194Alta DrShadow Lane2348
5139Gibson RdAmerican Pacific Dr2346
3143Fremont StMaryland Pkwy2346
4085Washburn RdNorth 5th St2335
3087Rampart BlvdAlta Dr2334
2036Durango DrSouth CC 215 WB Ramp2328
4106Losee RdWashburn Rd2318
3266Ann RdUS 95 SB Ramp2318
4097TonopahCivic Center Dr2307
3009Stewart AveMojave Rd2297
3541Main StClark Ave2293
4125Decatur BlvdNorth CC 215 WB Ramp2286
3543Smoke Ranch RdRock Springs Dr2277
2486Russell RdI-15 SB Ramp2276
3134Cashman FieldMaryland Pkwy2273
2229PyleSpencer St2268
3210Maryland PkwyOakey Blvd2267
2480Mountain Vista StHacienda Ave2264
4084Alexander RdNorth 5th St2261
3394Sahara AveMojave Rd2261
4105Decatur BlvdRice Ave2260
2175Las Vegas BlvdRiv-Circus Circus2257
3132Washington AveD Street2255
5061Sunset RdGibson Rd2253
4040Camino Al NorteLone Mountain Rd2245
5113Horizon Ridge PkwyStephanie St2243
3045Rampart BlvdVegas Dr2240
2196Las Vegas BlvdLe Baron Ave2239
2078Mirage ParkingDean Martin Dr2239
2109Durango DrFire Station 342235
3566Washington AveBaker Ave (Ped Crossing)2234
5074Green Valley PkwySouth CC 2152231
3300Durango DrAlexander Rd2230
2012Blue Diamond RdDean Martin Dr-Indust2229
3577Rampart BlvdSummerlin Pkwy EB Ramp2224
2103Warm Springs RdCC 215 SB2221
2544Sahara AveBlue Willow2218
4074Ann RdRevere St2205
3530Bonanza RdTonopah Dr2199
4118Commerce StWashburn Rd2186
5020Lake Mead PkwyWarm Springs Rd2182
3098Owens AveMarion Dr2169
3058Casino Center BlvdOgden Ave2167
5082Green Valley PkwyWingbrook Ave2165
5003Horizon DrPacific Ave2161
5079Horizon DrI-515 NB Ramp DDI2161
2282Twain Mojave (s)Pecos Rd - McL intc2158
3312Lake Mead BlvdRock Springs Dr2153
4012Civic Center DrConstitution Way2150
2515Cactus AveI-15 NB Ramp2141
3495Rainbow BlvdUS95 NB Best in West2135
4059Tropical PkwyNorth 5th St2133
3059Stewart AveCasino Center Blvd2132
4126Tropical PkwyAnn Rd2132
4023Carey AveCommerce St2124
3139Fourth StOgden Ave2117
3346Sahara AveVillage Square Center2114
2184Twain AveBuffalo Dr2107
3209Wyoming AveMain St2106
5076Stephanie StPaseo Verde Pkwy2106
4407Las Vegas BlvdHamilton St2105
5162St. Rose PkwyMaryland Pkwy2103
2230Russell RdNellis Blvd2093
3117Carson Ave13th St2092
2320Carey AveLamb Blvd2091
3372Craig RdBuffalo Dr2087
3206Main StStewart Ave2087
2150Lake Mead BlvdMt Hood St2086
2519Sahara AvePavilion Center Dr2066
2413Decatur BlvdSilverado Ranch Blvd2062
2425Lamb BlvdWyoming Ave2059
5038Green Valley PkwyHigh View Dr2059
3183Charleston BlvdTown Center Dr2057
2019Las Vegas BlvdCraig Rd2055
4018Camino Al NorteRancho Del Norte2049
2249Twain AveSwenson St2044
3505Casino Center BlvdClark Ave2041
3133Washington AveCashman (E)2037
3333Charleston BlvdMerialdo Ln2035
3225Sahara AveGrand Canyon Dr2033
3160Durango DrUS 95 SB Ramp2029
3126Owens AveMojave Rd2019
2263Spring Mountain RdFashion Show2016
4093Civic Center DrEvans Ave2015
3324Ogden AveMaryland Pkwy2013
5012Boulder HwyBarrett St2007
2253Blue Diamond RdBuffalo Dr2000
5122Green Valley PkwyCarnegie St2000
5107Stephanie StSantiago Dr1996
3387Durango DrVegas Dr1992
2408Blue Diamond RdJones Blvd1989
2146Paradise RdSierra Vista Dr1985
3128Fremont St15th St1982
2280Maryland PkwyUniversity Rd1981
2194Russell RdCC 215 SB Ramp1978
3050Casino Center BlvdCarson Ave1977
5168Russell RdI-515 SB Ramp1974
3319Washington AveCashman (w)1973
2338Nellis BlvdGowan Rd1971
2102Paradise RdConvention Center Dr1971
3562Sahara AveSahara Ctr1962
2092SereneSpencer St1958
2245Sands AveKoval Ln1953
3027Rampart BlvdSummerlin Pkwy WB Ramps1949
2186Fort Apache RdSpring Mountain Rd1944
5037Green Valley PkwyShop Way1942
2522Fort Apache RdWarm Springs Rd1939
4060Tropical PkwyCam El Dorado1935
3026Main StBridger Ave1932
2149Paradise RdEdison Ave1928
2495Nellis BlvdHarmon Ave1916
3178Charleston BlvdApple Dr - Palace Ct1914
5071Green Valley PkwyCorporate Circle1904
3022Rampart BlvdCanyon Run Dr1900
3223Charleston BlvdPavilion Center Dr1899
3057Fourth StCasino Center Blvd1894
3378Rainbow BlvdCheyenne Commons1889
3051Fourth StCarson Ave1885
3392Durango DrGrandbank-Boseck Dr1884
2442Warm Springs RdBuffalo Dr1878
2508Spring Mountain RdFashion Show Ln1876
2155Russell RdPolaris Ave1874
2271Durango DrCraig Rd1873
4042Losee RdLone Mtn Rd1872
2228Blue Diamond RdDurango Dr1869
4078ColtonNorth 5th St1866
4124Centennial PkwyLosee Rd1862
3164Durango DrUS 95 NB Ramp1861
5129Horizon Ridge PkwySeven Hills Dr1858
4073Carey AveDonna St1857
3307Rampart BlvdDel Webb Blvd1853
2082Lamb BlvdAlexander Rd1846
2309Blue Diamond RdArville St1835
3244SearlesBruce St1830
3292Rampart BlvdSuncoast Casino1827
3288Stewart Ave28th St1825
2157Russell RdArville St1822
5118Galleria DrI-515 NB Ramp1819
5002Horizon DrGreenway Rd1817
5093Valle Verde DrPaseo Verde Pkwy1816
2055Desert Inn RdGrand Canyon Dr1814
2255Fort Apache RdPeace Way1812
5119Galleria DrI-515 SB Ramp1809
2233Paradise RdRiviera Blvd1808
2418Rue De Monte CarloFrank Sinatra Dr1806
2393Las Vegas BlvdWigwam Ave1803
2084PeaceBuffalo Dr1801
5050Mountain Vista StOlympic Ave1800
2514Las Vegas BlvdCactus Ave1800
2283Blue Diamond RdValley View Blvd1796
3496Lake Mead BlvdBest In the West1789
2301Blue Diamond RdHinson St1789
2130Pebble RdMaryland Pkwy1784
2258Durango DrRobindale Rd1779
2487Russell RdI-15 NB Ramp1776
5166Lake Mead PkwyCadence Crest1774
5078Horizon DrHorizon Ridge Pkwy1771
3396Buffalo DrElkhorn Rd1766
3395Buffalo DrFarm Rd1765
4116Tropical PkwyCommerce St1764
2009Blue Diamond RdI-15 NB Ramp1763
2162Harmon AveKoval Ln1763
3189Box CanyonTenaya Way1763
4114Losee RdAlexander Rd1758
2475Stardust RdIndustrial Rd1744
3568Alta DrTorrey Pines Dr1743
2193Russell RdCC 215 NB Ramp1738
3330Durango DrAnn Rd1724
3309Bonanza RdMarion Dr1721
3561Washington AveSandhill Rd1721
5052Russell RdWhitney Ranch Dr1721
3331Rancho DrRainbow Blvd1721
4117Las Vegas BlvdMain St1717
2344Rainbow BlvdWigwam Ave1709
4067Losee RdMendenhall Rd1704
5115Horizon Ridge PkwyArroyo Grande Blvd1695
2064Flamingo RdEl Capitan Way1691
3048Rampart BlvdHillpointe Rd1691
2505Paradise RdHard Rock Hotel1677
5117Galleria DrGibson Rd1677
2441Las Vegas BlvdSerene Ave1670
2491Maryland PkwyHacienda Ave1669
5080St. Rose PkwyExecutive Airport Dr1664
2142Tropicana Ave215 (w)1661
4064Centennial PkwyAliante Pkwy1659
5056Boulder HwyEquestrian Dr1657
5067Horizon Ridge PkwyGibson Rd1656
2001Lake Mead BlvdHollywood Blvd1640
3238Cheyenne AveFort Apache Rd1637
4050Decatur BlvdShadow Mtn Pl1634
3367Oakey BlvdCampbell Dr1633
3053Main StCarson Ave1629
3463Cimarron RdOakey Blvd1627
3544Highland DrPresidio Ave1626
3382Alta DrUpland Blvd1621
3002Stewart AveMarion Dr1612
3142Main StFremont St1609
4109Losee RdColton Ave1609
2520Sahara AveFestival Plaza1608
2297Circus CircusIndustrial Rd1608
3031Fourth StBonneville Ave1603
3010Stewart AveSandhill Rd1602
2105Firestation 12Industrial Rd1596
3035Casino Center BlvdBridger Ave1595
4079Lone Mountain RdAllen Ln1594
3554Bonanza RdPage Rd1592
2141Tropicana Ave215 (e)1590
3412Durango DrElkhorn Rd1588
4066Centennial PkwyCamino Eldorado1588
3501Main StLewis Ave1587
2242Warm Springs RdGilespie St1584
2476Stardust DwyIndustrial Rd1582
5123Galleria DrMarks St1570
3041Rampart BlvdTournament Hills Dr1563
5021Valle Verde DrCC 2151562
2536Russell RdAnnie Oakley Dr1560
3163Durango DrEl Capitan - Farm1560
3424Cheyenne AveShady Timber St1559
5114Horizon Ridge PkwyAmador Ln1556
3293Cheyenne AveCC 215 NB Ramp1555
3013Washington AveMojave Rd1549
4075Pecos RdCarey Ave1543
2122Sunset RdCC 215 SB Ramp1540
2506Highland AveWestern Ave1539
2497Cheyenne AveWalnut Rd1536
2458Charleston BlvdSloan Ln1535
4009Las Vegas BlvdBelmont St1531
2436Russell RdFrank Sinatra Dr-Mandalay Bay1530
5149Paseo Verde PkwyCarnegie St1530
3269Maryland PkwyFranklin Ave1530
3237Cheyenne AveEl Capitan Way1522
3446SouthbridgeIndustrial Rd1522
2047Warm Springs RdAmigo St1515
3352Durango DrNorth CC 215 WB Ramp1515
5110Sandy Ridge AveSunridge Heights Pkwy1514
3450Durango DrDeer Springs Way1512
2158Russell RdCameron St1511
3555Stewart Ave3rd St1511
3374Washington AveMichael Way1499
2050Karen AveJoe W Brown1497
2044Fort Apache RdTwain Ave1492
3423Lone Mountain RdRainbow Blvd1485
3099Wyoming AveCommerce St1478
2177Silverado Ranch BlvdBermuda Rd1466
2537Blue Diamond RdEl Capitan Way1466
3498Rampart BlvdSir Williams Ct1466
3518Pecos RdHarris Ave1465
5165St. Rose PkwyBermuda Rd1463
2437Sands AvePalazzo-Wynn South Gate1458
3322Carson AveMaryland Pkwy1457
3458Cimarron RdElkhorn Rd1453
4194Las Vegas BlvdTonopah Ave1435
2359HaciendaFort Apache Rd1433
3298NorthbridgeIndustrial Rd1433
3302Durango DrGowan Rd1433
3303Durango DrMajestic Valley Ave1429
2219Vegas Valley DrCabana Dr1427
5137Valle Verde DrWigwam Pkwy1419
3393Cheyenne AveHualapai Way1419
3350Fourth StLibrary1418
3380Jones BlvdElkhorn Rd1413
5151Eastern AveGrand Hills Dr1411
2080Tropicana AveEl Capitan Way1406
4122Commerce StAlexander Rd1392
3538Bonneville AveFirst St (RTC Driveway)1387
2323Tropicana AveAndover Dr1377
3417Gowan RdRainbow Blvd1371
2227Sunset RdCC 215 NB Ramp1366
3386Durango DrWashington Ave1363
2088Pebble RdBermuda Rd1359
2432Durango DrWindmill Ln1358
5170Stephanie StPatrick Ln1348
2246Flamingo RdHualapai Way1345
3239Cheyenne AveGrand Canyon Dr1339
3449Elkhorn RdTenaya Way1335
4123Centennial PkwyLawrence1335
3062Lake Mead BlvdGateway/Summerhill1331
3245AzureTenaya Way1326
5138Arroyo Grande BlvdSantiago Dr1325
2403Tropicana AveMissouri Ave-Stephanie St1321
2501Hualapai WayTwain Ave1306
3437Charleston BlvdIndigo Dr1305
3403Charleston BlvdRed Rock - Canyon Pointe1292
2010Blue Diamond RdI-15 SB Ramp1290
2243Twain AvePalo Verde1288
3354Durango DrGilmore Ave1286
3353Durango DrNorth CC 215 EB Ramp1282
3462Durango DrGrand Teton Dr1280
2530Fort Apache RdSherwood Greens Dr1277
5171Galleria DrStufflebeam Ave1276
5141Arroyo Grande BlvdWindmill Pkwy1274
2470Bonanza RdChristy Ln1270
2521Sahara AveCC 2151269
3560Alexander RdCimarron Rd1268
3102Ann RdCentennial Center1264
2383Paradise RdCorporate Dr1252
4138Centennial PkwyRevere St1250
3497Fourth StClark Ave1237
4115Centennial PkwyCommerce St1232
2513Blue Diamond RdCimarron Rd1226
4096Aliante PkwyNorth CC 215 WB Ramp1215
3358Buffalo DrGowan Rd1214
4113Aliante PkwyNature Park Dr1209
5158Warm Springs RdEastgate Rd1204
5148Valle Verde DrKohls1203
2343Desert Inn RdHighland Dr1199
3388Durango DrTropical Pkwy1195
2241Silverado Ranch BlvdMaryland Pkwy1195
3316Fort Apache RdLake South Dr1195
4068Deer Springs WayDecatur Blvd1192
5140Russell RdGalleria Dr1188
2086St. Rose PkwyLas Vegas Blvd1185
3224Charleston BlvdCC 215 NB Ramp1178
3398Charleston BlvdCC 215 SB Ramp1176
5075Arroyo Grande BlvdAmerican Pac Dr1175
3323Fort Apache RdRed Hills Rd1174
4024Aliante PkwyNorth CC 215 EB Ramp1174
3308Fort Apache RdLake North Dr1169
3348Jones BlvdTropical Pkwy1162
2087Pebble RdPollock Dr1160
3368Jones BlvdNorth CC 215 EB Ramp1158
3036Fourth StBridger Ave1157
2494Arville StTompkins Ave1157
2318Charleston BlvdTreeline Dr1148
2384Sands AveHoward Hughes Pkwy1147
2065Flamingo RdCC 215 E1137
3467Tenaya WayGowan Rd1136
3373Buffalo DrJohn Herbert Blvd1136
3203Oakey BlvdMain St1135
3418Washington AveMarion Dr1127
3056Casino Center BlvdFremont St1125
3104Lake Mead BlvdPueblo Vista Dr1116
3488Grand Central PkwyWest Carson Ave1114
3320Lake Mead BlvdHarbor Island Dr1111
2299Gilespie StHidden Wells Rd1109
3310Fort Apache RdMariner Cove Dr1107
2170Jones BlvdRobindale Rd1105
3475Jones BlvdAzure Ave1103
3573Buffalo DrFire Station #411102
4026Pecos RdAlexander Rd1099
3456Cimarron RdFarm Rd1083
3539Third StBonneville Ave1082
3445Casino Center BlvdLewis Ave1079
3235St LouisParadise Rd1073
3195Vegas DrTenaya Way1072
2300Gilespie StGeorge Crocket Rd1072
3504Jones BlvdGrand Teton Dr1072
2046Warm Springs RdBermuda Rd1071
2455Desert Inn RdTown Center Dr1070
3503Jones BlvdFarm Rd1070
2287Kitty HawkParadise Rd1065
2468Silverado Ranch BlvdGilespie St1063
3483Grand Central PkwyCity Pkwy1054
2016Sandhill RdHarmon Ave1051
2469Stewart AveChristy Ln1045
3390Durango DrCentennial Pkwy1045
2545Flamingo RdCC 215 W1043
3564Alta DrCampbell Dr1041
4136Lone Mountain RdClayton St1040
2373Sierra VistaSwenson St1040
3512Main StImperial Ave1039
3547Jones BlvdNorth CC 215 WB Ramp1036
3315Lake Mead BlvdMariner Dr1029
5172Stephanie StStufflebeam Ave1024
5157Sunset RdEastgate Rd1021
3389Durango DrGrand Montecito Pkwy1019
4127Decatur BlvdElkhorn Rd1013
2420Desert Inn RdCabana Dr1006
5128Coronado CenterSunridge Heights Pkwy1001
3351Centennial PkwyTenaya Way998
3214Lone Mountain RdLos Prados997
3289Sky Pointe DrTenaya Way990
4101Gowan RdFirestation 53982
3482Farm RdTenaya Way981
3402Grand Teton DrBuffalo Dr980
3507Casino Center BlvdGass Ave979
3422Lake Mead BlvdDel Webb/Hills Cntr978
2484MGMKoval Ln965
5036Green Valley PkwyOlympic Ave956
4054Aliante PkwyDeer Springs Way953
2510Fort Apache RdMaule Ave943
2262NaplesParadise Rd937
2434Tropicana AveHualapai Way929
5173Gibson RdPaseo Verde Pkwy922
3137Fourth StFremont St912
2381Tropicana AveJ Durante912
3294Cheyenne AveCC 215 SB Ramp900
4027Pecos RdGowan Rd896
3565Lone Mountain RdTorrey Pines Dr896
5092Seven Hills DrSunridge Heights Pkwy892
3282Summerlin PkwyAnasazi Dr891
2110Sahara AveSloan Ln890
2298Silverado Ranch BlvdDean Martin Dr886
2492Hacienda AveValley View Blvd880
2231Hacienda AveNellis Blvd880
3416Lake Mead BlvdSun City/Anasazi Dr878
4092Aliante PkwyAliante Casino867
2543Town Center DrLa Madre Mtn864
3500Covington CrossTown Center Dr858
3375Hualapai WayHomestretch Dr854
4065Aliante PkwyElkhorn Rd849
2507Town Center DrTwain Ave847
5099College DrI-515 NB Ramp845
3508Casino Center BlvdHoover Ave842
3159Banbury CrossAnasazi Dr840
4069Centennial PkwyAviary836
2211Durango DrLone Mountain Rd831
2018Las Vegas BlvdVA Hospital830
3509Casino Center BlvdCoolidge Ave829
3517Washington AveTenaya Way828
3270Fremont StSeventh St821
2538Blue Diamond RdFort Apache Rd820
3481Lake Mead BlvdThomas W Ryan Blvd816
2003Las Vegas BlvdRange Rd814
2496Sandhill RdPatrick Ln813
3147Fremont StSixth St812
3558Ann RdCimarron Rd809
2091Frank Sinatra DrI-15806
2394Tropicana AveGrand Canyon Dr806
4063Centennial PkwyClayton St796
3533Town Center DrSummerlin Pkwy787
2222Twain AveCambridge St786
3537Third StClark Ave782
2407Flamingo RdGrand Canyon Dr779
3054Third StCarson Ave764
5164Boulder HwyMagic Way762
3516Elkhorn RdGrand Montecito Pkwy758
5136St. Rose PkwyBowes Ave756
3281Alta DrCimarron Rd751
2528Warm Springs RdLindell Rd749
5174Gibson RdWellness Place747
3526Lake Mead BlvdHallston St744
2502Desert Foothills DrRed Rock Ranch Rd743
2031Harmon AveAladdin DW740
4045Lamb BlvdCC 215 EB737
3230Third StOgden Ave734
2529Cactus AveJones Blvd734
3528Vegas DrPueblo Vista Dr726
2032Harmon AveAudrie723
3377Town Center DrAlta Dr714
2461Spring Mountain RdEl Capitan Way712
2178Silverado Ranch BlvdPollock Dr711
3130Ogden AveFirst St692
3229Ogden AveSixth St687
3571Mojave RdDesert Pines Golf683
2512Frank Sinatra DrMandalay Pkg Garage679
5142Valle Verde DrHigh View Dr674
3192Fourth StLewis Ave674
5144College DrHeather Dr672
3578Vegas DrRock Springs Dr669
2401Owens AveHollywood Blvd668
2210Maryland PkwyPyle Ave654
3523Horse DrFort Apache Rd-Racel St641
3404Charleston BlvdVista Center - Park Ctr635
3521Skye Canyon ParkBrent Ln630
3453Fremont St8th St626
4083Washburn RdClayton St624
2120SereneMaryland Pkwy610
5100College DrI-515 SB Ramp602
2232HaciendaArville St590
3522Skye Canyon ParkIron Mountain Rd589
3280Town Center DrPark Run Dr585
3460Charleston BlvdDesert Footlhills Dr585
2431Durango DrPebble Rd578
2121Town Center DrHavenwood Ln578
2539Buffalo DrGomer Rd560
2248Hualapai WayCount Diero552
3427Ogden AveSeventh St543
2259HarrahsKoval Ln541
3379Washington AveLongford537
3217Town Center DrAnasazi Dr529
2234HaciendaLindell Rd522
2542Buffalo DrMtns Edge Pkwy517
3153Alta DrHualapai Way510
2306Maryland PkwyWigwam Ave509
2534Town Center DrGriffith Peak Dr500
2540Summerlin CentrePavillion Center500
2212Sahara AveTreeline Dr499
2213PyleBermuda Rd498
2051WinnickKoval Ln494
2070Flamingo RdGrand Canyon Pkwy490
2533Pavilion Center DrGriffith Peak Dr490
2123Town Center Dr215 SPUI477
2532Warm Springs RdTenaya Way464
4128Carey AveLas Vegas Wash Trails459
2317St. Rose PkwyI-15 SPUI457
3364Alta DrAntelope456
3038Bridger AveThird St448
3536Alta DrTivoli Village444
3580Grand Teton DrBradley Rd428
2541Town Center DrDesert Primrose Lane421
2503Maryland PkwyCactus Ave420
3570Carson AveSeventh St415
5131Las Vegas BlvdVolunteer Blvd396
4131Losee RdEnergy Way391
3550Bridger AveFirst St387
3471Lake Mead BlvdCC 215387
3247Buffalo DrSky Pointe Dr381
4102Deer Springs WayAviary369
3111Centennial Center BlvdTropical Pkwy365
3524Skye Canyon ParkUS 95 SPUI362
4129Civic Center DrLas Vegas Wash Trails361
2511Bermuda AveSerene Ave348
2128Harmon AveAldebaran330
2433Harmon AveAria Way-Vdara Way327
3457Farm RdTule Springs325
3569Tropical Pkwy-Azure DrSkypointe Dr306
5102Lake Mead PkwyAthens Ave-Olsen Dr300
2257ShelbourneDean Martin Dr297
4061Gowan RdRevere St296
3579Tropical PkwyCelebration289
2416Harmon AveCosmopolitan/City Center288
2313Charleston BlvdHollywood Blvd282
2402Fire Station 19Spencer St273
2400Bonanza RdHollywood Blvd272
2525Washington AveFire Stn 16 (Fairchild)267
2414Harmon AveEmergency Signal262
3556Sky Pointe DrCimarron Rd255
2440Hacienda AveCameron St241
4099DorrellNorth 5th St232
2548Flamingo RdTown Center Dr225
3444Third StLewis Ave223
3461Park RunPavilion Center Dr204
3011Westcliff DrTenaya Way197
4043Losee RdNorth CC 215 EB183
4032Elkhorn RdFire Station 56180
3154Far Hills AveAnasazi Dr168
3175Cliff Shadows DrNovat St162
4120North 5th StCC-215148
3407Alta DrPavilion Center Dr142
2127Harmon AvePolaris Ave137
3250Alta DrClubhouse130
3452Hualapai WayAlexander Rd124
4046LV Beltway WBLamb Blvd91
2426Carey AveHollywood Blvd90
4044Losee RdNorth CC 215 WB88
3369CC 215 NorthBradley Rd65
3409Alta DrPark Vista Dr26
3267Westcliff DrCimarron Rd25
3297Lone Mountain RdCC 21524
2438Sloan LnJudson Ave-Fire Station #209
3563Bonneville AveLV Prem Outlet5
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