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 Edit See GPS Details Buffalo Dr South 2152 2442 South CC 215 EB RampWarm Springs Rd11/27/2023 6:29:20 PM713,44733.135.00.951250.0 %6FASTAVL 
 Edit See GPS Details Decatur Blvd 2356 2398 Sunset RdSouth CC 215 WB Ramp11/27/2023 6:25:10 PM201,01234.545.00.77020.0 %0FASTAVL 
 Edit See GPS Details I-215/CC215 1505 1509 Jones BlvdBuffalo Dr11/27/2023 6:26:29 PM15910,68445.865.00.701333.3 %28FASTAVL 
 Edit See GPS Details St Rose Pkwy 5182 5101 Gilespie StCoronado Center Dr11/27/2023 6:37:07 AM52923,79730.754.00.573933.3 %165FASTAVL